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Tips on Keeping Dust Away

Tips on Keeping Dust Away

Dust is a common sight to all and accumulates on every kind of surface. The average home collects 40 pounds of dust every year! Dusting can be exhausting at times, because the area cleaned from dust doesn’t stay dust-free for very long. Dust is a common form of dirt that consists of many different kinds of dirt and dander. Living in it are microscopic bugs called dust mites that multiply fast and can make people sick. Consistently taking in particles of dirt and dander from dust by breathing is also bad for your lungs.

Dusting is clearly an important part of keeping a workplace clean! Read below for some tips on how to keep the dust away.

Dusting Tools

Dusting tools can come in all shapes and sizes. From dust wands, dust mops, micro fiber cloths and many more, dusting tools can be hard to choose from. When choosing which dusting tool to get, it’s wise to purchase the best quality tools that will ensure that dust will be cleaned as effectively as possible.

Air Filters

Check on the air filter in the area. The average air filter lasts between 1-3 months before it gets filled with dust and dirt. This can affect the quality of your air filter greatly. Changing it every few months is a great way to reduce dust getting into the surrounding area. It will also extend the life of your air conditioner, and even reduce energy bills!


Although the breeze that comes through a window can be pleasant, it often ends up blowing more dust and dirt into the area. It can also shift the dust already in your workplace and spread it to other areas. Keeping the windows closed is a quick fix to this issue.

Checking the weather stripping on the windows is also recommended to do at least annually, for maximum benefits.

Entrance Mats

One of the most common ways dust gets inside buildings if from people tracking it in with their shoes. Getting two entrance mats is recommended. Placing one inside an outside will reduce the amount of dirt, dust and dander that would normally get inside. Vacuuming the mats regularly is also a great way to the dust away.

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