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How Often Should Your Workplace be Cleaned Professionally?

How Often Should Your Workplace be Cleaned Professionally?

A clean office is important for you and your employees. Having your office professionally cleaned protects the health of your workers and helps them do their job and eliminate problems. The question is, how often should you enlist the help of a professional cleaning company?  What does a proper office cleaning schedule look like?  Read the key points below to find out how often you should have your office cleaned.

Workplace Size

The size of your workplace is a major factor when it comes to determining how often to clean. If your facility is large, it is likely to get dirty on a quicker basis. This can depend on the individual habits of your employees. Unseen buildup, such as dust or germs, will also develop faster in a large workplace. The number of windows in your workplace is another area to look at. Glass can get dirty fast, and needs more cleaning than other areas.

Type of Business

Cleaning needs are also determined by the type of business you run. Businesses that need more frequent cleaning and sanitation than other businesses are laboratories or hospitals. People that run businesses such as gyms or restaurants are encouraged to clean fairly often, to maintain good health. Looking at your business type will help make your decision easier.

Recommended Daily Cleaning

Clean office washrooms are required for your employees and clients. Washrooms are used frequently each day, so paying close attention to this area with professional cleaning and sanitizing. Washroom sinks, toilets, and floors should be cleaned and disinfected professionally each day.  Also, don’t forget to remind your employees to wash their hands!

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