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Important Areas To Keep Clean This Flu Season

Important Areas To Keep Clean This Flu Season

Flu season is here, along with worries about catching it. There is no reason to be fearful if you know how to prevent getting infected. With proper, thorough cleaning as well as taking the right precautions you can avoid getting the flu. What are those precautions? Read the helpful information provided below to find out how you can keep the flu away from you and your employees this year.

Your employees come and go throughout the week. Someone could be free from sickness one day and infected the next. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if someone is infected. Whether or not you know someone is sick, it’s best to make sure everything is clean just in case. There are certain areas in your workplace that can be prone to infection. Cleaning these places properly is essential for the health of you and your employees.

Locks and Doorknobs

Locks are an important part of your workplace, so many employees use them every week to keep things secure and in place. If someone is infected, the germs spread to the next person who twists that lock. Doorknobs are a similar in this area, but the potential of infecting another employee is much higher. With many different doorknobs in your workplace, they are used frequently by each employee every hour. Disinfecting these areas and wiping them dry with a clean cloth is the key to keep the flu away in the office space.

Keyboard and Mouse

These two common office tools are often rarely cleaned, because little know that they can be the most germ ridden area in the office. The keyboard has many crevices that can get dirty and germs can spread on the keys and flu infection on your hand can easily spread on the mouse. Many employees spend their whole time at the office using the keyboard and mouse! Keeping these areas clean is an important step in making sure the flu stays out of your office.

Toilet Flushers and Facet Handles

Keeping the office washroom clean is essential for making your office sickness-free. Toilet flushers are used often. Scrubbing it down well with some disinfectant is required for the cleanliness of the washroom. Facet handles need to be cleaned carefully in the same way, to prevent potentially getting someone sick.


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