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How to Clean Windows Effectively

How to Clean Windows Effectively

Dirty windows are an eye sore. Sometimes when you clean them, they can still look streaky and spotted! Have you considered why your glass windows have this effect? Cleaning windows requires specific techniques to be effective. Transparent windows don’t come by with a few wipes on the glass! The points below are important if you want to leave your window shiny and clear.

Right Cleaning Tools

Spray cleaner is used for a wide assortment of objects and surfaces. From killing bacteria to disinfecting, its uses are multiple and handy when cleaning. Although, it is not the best choice for cleaning windows. Glass is far easier to clean with a window specific spray cleaner. This kind of spray cleaner makes it easier to clean a window without leaving ugly marks, while attending to glass’s other cleaning needs. Window spray cleaners are inexpensive and often leave a fresh scent after cleaning. Investing in a widely known company is highly recommended.

Squeegees can be easily overlooked when cleaning glass windows. Often people choose to reach for a worn cloth or paper towel. Squeegees are definitely a practical tool and works with glass very well. The suction on a squeegee that is applied when you use it results in leaving less grime and liquid. The convenient size of the brush enables you to clean surfaces at a far quicker rate.

An alternative is a micro fiber cleaning cloth, which are also a must have when cleaning windows. This alternative sucks up more dirty particles, while most cloths only succeed in spreading them around. The material is also successful in preventing streaks, which makes getting your windows clear a lot simpler.

Proper Technique

Cleaning windows requires more than you would normally do when wiping down a table or counter. When you clean a flat surface, there is little concern to which way you wipe whether it is up, down, across, or all at once. The result is more or less the same whatever way you wipe. With windows, you will find the result is quite different from the other similar surfaces. Wiping without discipline will make your window look dirtier than before you cleaned it! The following techniques are important, easy and worthwhile.

The key technique to properly clean glass windows is to simply stick with one motion. If you clean up and down, stick to that motion and don’t change it. Going vertically when you have been cleaning horizontally will be noticeable after your window dries. Use a fair amount of window spray cleaner and make it a habit to only wipe one way.

If these steps are followed, be sure to expect glass windows that look brand new!

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